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"Angel Marie brought us a professional, effective, and unique experience!"

"An inspiring & energetic speaker!"

"Everybody needs to hear her message."

"Angel Marie truly shines in her message!"

"Angel Marie’s Shine On! message is something different and engaging for the kids!"

Bring the connection, energy, and inspiration of the Shine On! message to your next event!
Watch the Amazing Sizzle Reel!

Do you want to achieve greater success and have higher self esteem? The Shine On! book offers easy daily action steps.

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Angle Marie - Speaker

Angel Marie Monachelli

Angel Marie Monachelli is the Founder of the Shine On! Movement™.  An Amazon National Best-Selling Author, a highly sought-after Speaker, Social Influencer, and teaches others how to Mastering Their Stress. Angel became a Business Owner when she opened a Wellness Center to help women live healthier lives. After years of coaching and running the center Angel became overcome by stress. At a routine Doctors visit she was told, “You are on the verge of a heart attack, this stress will kill you.” Angel soon realized that many other women were also suffering from mismanaged, deteriorating, and toxic stress in their lives.


Stress is a root cause of Lupus, Arthritis, and Fibromyalgia, which Angel knows first hand, having been diagnosed with them. With over 7,000 stress-related deaths/day in the United States alone, it’s clear that stress has become a major problem. That’s why Angel’s passion is, helping women everywhere with what she knows best: Mastering Stress for Success.


She is well known for her energetic presence, engaging exercises, and leaving audiences with simple Tools that can empower them to more easily handle both personal and work-related challenges.


These Tools are designed to further the direct benefits that people receive whenever Angel Marie speaks at a live Event:

  • The Amazon National Best-Selling book: SHINE ON!
  • The 7 Elements, each with an Action Step and 3 Results
  • The popular, catchy Shine On! Song (now with a music video!), that’s guaranteed to make you smile as well as remind anyone listening of the most important aspects of the Shine On! message.


Angel Marie lives in Phoenix, Arizona, with Shine, her awesome Australian Cattle Dog. Through the easily accessible Tools—along with her Speaking, Writing, and Coaching—she is helping thousands of people to Stress Less, Shine More!