About - Angel Marie Shines
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SHINE ON! Movement

In Studio Recording the SHINE ON! Song with Fiz Anthony

Partner with Angel Marie today to spread the Shine On! movement at your next event! Learn how you can get 100 books FREE for your attendees! Sing with her and discover the catchy and uplifting SHINE ON! song! Learn the 7 Elements to Shine On!

The Shine On! Movement is contagious and will ignite your creatively, boost productivity, and empower’s you to new levels of self-esteem. Your increased positivity radiates to family, friends, communities, and continues to Shine On! to the whole world.

The SHINE ON! Movement guides you and your community to increase self-esteem and expand individual and collective energy, to achieve success, smile more, and create a life filled with more joy!
Learn about diversity and the importance of respecting differences in others, and how mutual respect helps us succeed in life and create self-confidence. The SHINE ON! Movement is for anyone seeking to triumph in personal and career success.

Best Arizona Speaker Angel Marie

Accept the Shine On! challenge to create new habits and develop skills to bring more abundance, freedom, and play into your life. Sing with Angel Marie and discover the empowering lyrics in the Shine On! song!

It is Angel Marie’s intention that the Shine On! Movement guides you to express yourself in authentic ways, claim your success, experience the freedom of diversity, to Shine On!

Angel Marie says, “Many of us feel we don’t fit in because of ethnicity, personal appearance, or disability. There are millions of reasons why you might feel different than your peers. What matters is discovering that you MATTER!
Connect to your authentic self and join the Shine On movement!

Angel Marie Speaking


Angel Marie says,

“Shine is my Australian Cattle Dog, friend, and writing muse! During my writing process, Shine helped me find time to play, relax, and just breathe. By recognizing that animals experience life differently than people, I was able to add unique insights to the award winning book SHINE ON! In each chapter, Shine offers a fun perspective with a section called ‘Speak, Shine, Speak!’ These brief stories of how Shine sees and experiences her world allow readers to discover new ways to Shine On!

One of my favorite examples of Shine as my guide to greater personal power is her ability to be in the moment. When the writing process was especially challenging, Shine would offer up a big sigh. Her simple act of taking a breath reminded me to breathe as well. Besides always being joyous and taking the time to play ball, Shine demonstrates the importance of breathing to refocus and be more productive in life.”

Angel Marie Speaking
Angel Marie Speaking
Angel Marie Speaking
Shine On! Movement is Sweeping the Nation! Partner with Angel Marie Today!