Increase Your Communication in Three Easy Steps
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Increase Your Communication in Three Easy Steps (Video)

Angel Marie Shines

Increase Your Communication in Three Easy Steps (Video)

Increase Your Communication in Three Easy Steps

Communication is more than conversation, email, text, or letters. It is a process of give and take over time. We are constantly communicating even when unaware of the information we send out to the world. Non verbal cues like, facial expressions, body language, and eye contact, are 75 percent of communication. In this era of social media and computers we have a tendency to lose these important parts of communication. Here are a few simple keys to reconnect with communication.

  1. Create an emotional connection non verbally.

Using non verbal communication we can deepen personal and professional relationships. Take a few moments each day to study yourself in the mirror. Review important conversation prior to meetings to gain greater insight into your communication style and improve nonverbal skills.

  1. Seek out deeper connections.

Many of us rely on social media “friends” for companionship and support. Social Media is wonderful to maintain connections with friends and family who live far away, yet getting to know neighbors and work or school mates creates a network of local support deeper than online. Once a week make time to visit with a neighbor, or meet with friends for coffee.

  1. Step away from the screen.

Put down the phone when gathering with friends or coworkers, this allows you to express your undivided attention to those present. Eye contact is a great way to connect during communication with anyone. Hugs and holding hands with family and dear friends also creates a more meaningful connection than a text or email.

These are a few ways to use communication to Shine On! For even more, check out my award winning, Amazon National best selling book, SHINE ON!