Media Kit - Angel Marie Shines
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Media Kit

Angel Marie Speaking
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Angel Marie Monachelli

Angel Marie, founder of the Shine On! movement, is a powerhouse in a small package. Diagnosed with dyslexia at an early age, she was called stupid and told she would probably not graduate high school. Though severely challenged, she not only graduated, she went to college on a sports scholarship, received her degree, and ultimately became one of the youngest players in Women’s Major League Softball.

Turning her hard-won experience in overcoming adversity and obstacles into an asset, Angel Marie now travels the country presenting keynote speeches, seminars, workshops, and retreats on effective living and enhancing self-esteem. She is well-known for her energetic presence and engaging exercises that leave audiences of all ages, ethnicities, and orientations feeling empowered to handle challenges with greater joy and authenticity.

Angel Marie Speaking
Click The Photo To Download The High Quality Version.
Angel Marie Speaking
Engaging with audience members after a speaking event
Angel Marie Speaking
Sharing the Shine On! message at a workshop
Angel Marie Speaking
Radio/TV interview with Host Roslyn Williams at Life Matters Today


Signing Books mini class, Get Ready to Shine On! with Angel Marie!

The Shine On! message has always been a part of Angel Marie’s life and now it can be a part of your community! As a speaker and consultant, she creates a space where people from all backgrounds feel empowered toward greater self-confidence and embracing their unique authenticity! Through overcoming her learning disability and many life challenges, she has become a beacon of joy and positivity. With her Shine On! message and song Angel Marie shares her expertise in guiding others to discover limitless success, set healthy boundaries, and honor diversity. Her renown entertaining and engaging presentations leave audiences feeling energized to take on challenges with greater joy and ease!


Hear Angel Marie’s unique Shine on! message, song and take home a copy of her latest award winning book; SHINE ON!

SHINE ON! is a fun and inspirational look at 52 of life’s most important topics and challenges. Take home powerful stories from Angel Marie’s personal experiences as well as amusing anecdotes about her companion dog, Shine! Each chapter also contains a simple to do action step to add to your day to day life!

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