Reviews - Angel Marie Shines
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New Reviews From Attendees of Recent Shine On! Events

Here’s a few of the dozens of the most recent reactions from a Shine On! Event experience









The Shine On! Song

Whether it’s to ramp-up the cohesiveness of you Team, to pleasantly surprise your coworkers at the next Corporate Event, or to give your upcoming personally-planned Event’s audience an unforgettable Presentation that will both wildly entertain them, as well as significantly inspire them from that point forward–you’ll want to Contact Angel Marie.

Your Next Event Can Be Unforgettable

Angel Marie Shines

Are you interested in igniting an infectious wave of passionate enthusiasm into your next event’s audience? Click the image above to Contact Angel Marie.

Forbes Riley

CEO SpinGym, Author, Speaker and Kevin Harrington (original shark on hit TV show Shark Tank and creator of the infomercial)

Great nuggets of truth for anyone looking to enhance self-esteem and personal success. I love how her stories help clarify the simple action steps! Forbes Riley, CEO SpinGym, Author, Speaker and Kevin Harrington (original shark on hit TV show Shark Tank and creator of the infomercial)

Angel Marie Speaking
Angel Marie Speaking

Craig Duswalt

Speaker, Author, Radio Host, and Creator of Rockstar Marketing

SHINE ON! definitely inspired me to get my “Shine on!” Great message. Bottom line: this book rocks!

Christina Wagner

Ms. Woman Arizona United States 2016, President, Your Business Ambassador

“Angel’s message, Shine On! is one that has helped me excel in business and pageantry. While I competed in the United States pageant, my focus was to let my light shine and to remind my pageant sisters to let their lights shine, too.” I truly believe that is why I was honored with the award of Miss Congeniality.”

Angel Marie Speaking
Angel Marie Speaking

Coach Sherry Winn

Two-time Olympian

Angel’s name aligns with her message. She truly “Shines” through her words and provides you with the ability to believe you can Shine too!

Jill Lublin

3-time Best-selling Author and International

A fabulous message for everyone! Incorporating quotes, stories, and action steps to spark your imagination and show you how to accomplish success in life!

Angel Marie Speaking
Angel Marie Speaking

Travis Brown

International Speaker, Best-selling Author, TV Celebrity

I love the Shine On! message… This is a great book to help motivate you every day to be your best!

Julie Carrier

Emmy Nominee, Award-winning National Speaker and Author of BeYOUtiful, and Founder of

Angel Marie’s book SHINE ON! is a must-read for anyone who wants to stand up, stand out, and shine. Her action-packed tips, tools, and ideas can help you shine with confidence, enthusiasm, and courage in all areas of your life!

Angel Marie Speaking
Angel Marie Speaking

Tanya Brown

Sister of the Late Nicole Brown Simpson

Angel Marie brightens audiences with her Shine On! message. Her passion and compassion for others is evident in her SHINE ON! book. Every person, young and old, can always use a spark to ignite or reignite their spirit. Angel Marie, you are Miss Shine On!

Chris Warner

Actor, Speaker, Coach, Consultant

Angel Marie’s message offers amazing insights on how to shift attitude and perspective to create more joy! Take it from someone who’s lived life—Angel Marie knows her stuff! This book is a life-changer!

Angel Marie Speaking
Angel Marie Speaking

DJ Khamis

International Artist, Board of Directors of The Stars Foundation UN/UNICEF

SHINE ON! answers and solves the problems facing our modern generation by simplifying the confusing complexities facing all generations and clearly delineates workable solutions and applications. Kudos, Angel Marie. You rock!

Terri Hardin Jackson

Walt Disney Imagineering

The Shine On! message offers delightful, fresh ideas that are inspiring and useful!

Angel Marie Speaking
Angel Marie Speaking

Mike Fritz

National College Speaker of the Year Finalist, Founder of Magnetic Speaker, and Founder of Algorithaus for Success

The Shine On! message has brilliant tips to help anyone discover new ways to listen and take action with wellness.

John Formica

The Ex-Disney Guy, America’s Customer Experience Speaker and Coach

This book is the secret weapon that every person and organization can use to achieve the success they are looking for. Angel Marie Monachelli has put together a collection of unforgettable personal success tips and lifelong strategies in an easy playbook format that are incredibly noteworthy and valuable to all of us. Her 52 secrets are truly magical! Well done!

Angel Marie Speaking
Angel Marie Speaking

Mike Tomasello

CEO of How To Land Any

The Shine On! message inspires and empowers you, your students, and young adults to greater success and happiness.

Darin Fishburn

CEO, Reading for Freedom

Angel Marie was amazing! She energized the crowd and helped the kids to realize how important it is to be able to read. She brings light to kids’ eyes. When she talks about life and love, your heart and mind Shine On!. She is a great speaker. I have never found anyone so easy and fun to work with.

Jaclyn Clark

Event Coordinator, Reading for Freedom

It was such a joy to work with Angel Marie for our event. It’s hard for kids to sit still for 20 minutes; they did because Angel Marie was so engaging. We loved the Shine On! message! It really hit home.

Monique Huerta

22-year-old Student

This message reconnects us with the positivity of honoring one another while respecting ourselves. The Shine On! message also inspires me to think about ideas in a new light. It opens my mind.

Mali Creek

16-year-old High School Student

Angel Marie’s Shine On! message is an amazing way to learn now to be your original self as well as how to work well with others.

Sarah Johnson

Stage Manager, Reading for Freedom

We had a great event with Angel Marie. She brought us a professional, effective, and unique experience. Angel Marie’s Shine On! message is something different and engaging for the kids. Actually, her message is what everybody needs to hear.