Shine On! Movement
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Shine On! Movement! Needs YOU! (Video)

Event Planners Best Keynote Speaker Angel Marie on TV

Shine On! Movement! Needs YOU! (Video)

Everyone is talking about our amazing Shine On! Movement! I say “our” because you Matter as part of the team.

The Shine On! Movement will ignite your creativity, boost your productivity, and empower you into new levels of self-esteem. These are simple personal realizations that everyone can do.

The 7 elements to Shine On! is the foundation of the movement!

This message teaches you how to develop a positive, yet authentic, attitude. You will learn how to spark increased energy, establish healthy boundaries, and to experience more joy towards yourself and others.

The Shine On! message has continued to develop over the years, and now it’s on fire! I have opened my Speaking services up to Event Planners and Coordinators across the nation. Igniting countless audiences with the Shine On! movement is perhaps the best proof that this Movement will work for anyone.

The Action Steps of the 7 Elements will fan the flames even further into your relationship with yourself, your family, and everyone you meet. We call it “raising your vibration”. As a result, there’s a powerful self-esteem that radiates out into your work, your community, and the world.

The Shine On! Movement is about you! I’d love to partner with you to share this energizing, uplifting, inspiring message. When you engage in the 7 elements daily, you will completely change your life.

The Shine On! message, above all things, is educational. I guide audiences during Events exactly how to have more passion, success, and joy. During the Presentation, the contagious Shine On! Song will trigger the Tools found in the 7 elements to Shine On!.

My motivations for spreading the Movement is seeing the “lightbulb” turn on in the minds of audience members at Events, that everyone is unique, and YOU matter!

This message is proven to educate while entertaining any audience, including: Women’s Events, Team-building Events, work groups, and more.

Most audiences start with stressed, sluggish energy. Together, we “raise the vibration” creating memorable fun at your Event.

You are the reason our movement continues to grow! What would happen if you shared this message with 3 other people? How many people would be positively affected? It’s incredibly empowering to realize that you are capable of having such an immensely profound and positive impact on so many people.

The Shine On! Movement is more thoroughly defined in my Amazon National Best-Selling book SHINE ON!. I invite you to experience the message of the SHINE ON! Book because you will discover that YOU matter!

I challenge you to think about who you would like to benefit from the Shine On! Message?

Could you or someone you know benefit from having me speak at their upcoming Event, Conference, or a Lunch-and-Learn?

Contact Me today to book a Speaking Engagement: TEXT or Call (623) 334-3393