Angel Marie Shines | Speaker
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Angel Marie Speaking
Angel Marie Speaking
Angel Marie Speaking
Angel Marie Shine On! song

Imagine how the success of your entire event will skyrocket when you have Angel Marie ignite your audience with the Shine On! message. Her open heart and positive attitude make it easy to work with her.

Angel Marie Speaking

5 Reasons

Event Planners Love to Book Angel Marie

  1.   She’s a Diversity Consultant. Angel Marie shares unique ways of coping with learning disabilities to show how being different assists a person in discovering how to Shine On! Her message is about the joy of achieving personal success and empowerment.
  2.   She Believes in you. Young people want simple-to-implement action steps to reach the feeling of success in their personal goals. The Shine On! message allows people to embrace their authentic selves and follow their passions!
  3.   She Celebrates! Little moments of victory deserve attention–Angel Marie shows how to celebrate them and also to discover daily tasks that create time for reflection.
  4.   She’s Experienced. With over a decade of connecting and developing great relationships in and among diverse communities throughout the U.S., Angel Marie brings a special wisdom to your institution.
  5.   She’s Accommodating. Angel Marie is one of the easiest speakers to work with–she takes time to learn the culture of the populations to whom she speaks. She prioritizes the needs of your organization and always “gives a bit extra” of herself.
Angel Marie’s Most Requested Talks
Shine On! With Diversity

Diversity has been a hot topic for two decades. Angel Marie invigorates discussion on the basis of opening students to the joys of seeing everyone’s unique gifts. She creates an environment where everyone matters, and is empowered to shape their purpose. Her offers a unique blend of high-energy humor and practical content for students and communities to get their Shine On! This program with Angel Marie uses authentic listening and energetic discussion to expand the notion of agreeing to disagree, and embrace the diversity of your campus and community.


  • Understand the basic language of diversity and its foundations
  • Increase willingness to embrace the benefits of a highly diverse community
  • Create ways to implement diversity and inclusion as a way of life
Shine On! With Wellness

Laugh and learn with Angel Marie as she introduces creative and successful ways to Shine On! with Wellness. Learn alternatives to media hype, compulsive dieting, and high-pressure cultural myths surrounding wellness. Connect with music and movement in an experience students will always remember. Gain simple strategies to rewire the brain for healthier food preferences. Discover how small changes in daily habits create big impacts on wellness and self-esteem.


  • Have fun while realizing the power that wellness has on personal and professional success
  • Gain greater understanding about creating an environment where everyone’s wellness matters
  • Receive tools for personal wellness through a unique blend of high-energy humor and practical content
Shine On! in School and Life

People who have experienced Angel Marie’s Shine On! message become lightning rods of good change and positive energy in their communities and campuses. She shares practical keys to reassess and get a grip on future personal and academic success. Simple actions, like proper breathing and learning to laugh offer attendees permission to just let it go. Gain a better understanding of how lack and stress are reduced by shifting perception and maintaining a positive attitude.


  • Discover your authentic identity that leads to Greater productivity
  • Walk away with practical easy, to remember tools for improving productivity
  • Increase internal motivation and self-worth
Programs are:

Angel Marie specifically tailors each presentation to meet the unique needs of each audience.

Grounded in Research

All key presentation points are grounded in current culture, increasing self-esteem, diversity awareness, wellness and success.

Fun and Interactive

Participants love the Shine On! Song and being involved in the experience.


Angel Marie leads by example and lives her Shine On! message.  Her life also demonstrates the true power of the commitment to making healthy choices!


Angel Marie’s content-rich message targets key issues facing people today.

Angel Marie Speaking
Raising the Energy with the Shine On! song and message
Angel Marie Speaking
Self-Esteem Workshop
Angel Marie Speaking
Workshop Session
Angel Marie Speaking
Midwestern University Lunch and Learn
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