TV Interview with Keynote Speaker Angel Marie | Live on AZ TV 7
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TV Interview with Keynote Speaker Angel Marie | Live on AZ TV 7

AZ TV7’s “Daily Mix” with Catherine Anaya

Live TV Interview with Angel Marie, done by Danielle Williams

Tv Interview of the Shine On! Movement Founder & Keynote Speaker, Angel Marie. She was recently asked to come into the studio to explain the Shine On! Movement and the reasons behind its explosive growth.

Take a look at why Angel Marie is so sought-after in this energizing, uplifting, and inspiring interview here on this page! Angel Marie talks about her journey, her book and all the lives that have been touched by the Shine On! message. Angel also discusses one of the 7 Principles.

The 7 Principles are the foundation of the Shine On! Movement. If you liked what you heard here in this tv interview with Angel Marie, Read about all of the 7 Principles here.

Angel Marie is also the Best-Selling author of SHINE ON!, the Book. She’s been overcoming adversity, obstacles, and discouragement since she was diagnosed with dyslexia as a child. Once Angel Marie realized she could turn her adversity into an asset, she wanted to share her success with others. The Shine On! Movement was born, Angel Marie has been the Keynote Speaker at many Events.

If you, or someone you know, is an Event Planner, and is looking for a Keynote Speaker, please Contact us here.

Angel Marie has done radio and tv interviews, as well as Group Coaching, and is always looking to help as many people as possible to ignite their productivity utilizing simple tools, like the 7 Principles. Angel Marie has spoken to every kind of audience imaginable, and specializes in Corporate Events, Lunch-and-Learns, and Women’s Events.

Angel Marie also has an active community on Facebook, and other Social Media sites. Please connect with her online and +Like the Shine On! Facebook Page. If you have any questions, comments, or want to share your Shine On! success story, we’d love to hear from you! We’re all able to communicate and support each other right when we need it online. Let’s use this privilege to do as much good as we possibly can.