Meet Angel Marie

It’s so amazing to meet you! I’m Angel Marie Monachelli and I’ve been teaching others how to live their best lives with energy, confidence and joy for over 20 years.

As an Event Energy Enhancer, TV Host, Inspirational Speaker, Author of 4 National Best-Selling Books, Creator of the Shine On! Movement™ and Empowerment Coach, I will bring the power of positive energy, engagement, and education to your event.

Whether your event is virtual or in person, I will read the audience, keep them engaged and involved, so that they never “zoom out”. The experience will leave your audience wanting more, create raving fans, and have the impact you want to see in the world.

I’d love to have a conversation about how we can energize your event for maximum impact.

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The Shine On TV Show

Thursdays 11:00 a.m. PST

The Shine On Show encourages you to take inspired action, raises your energy, and gives you fun tools to join in the adventure of living each and every day to its fullest. Each week we will have a different theme that will help you get through another day, feel more connected, have more energy and recognize that you matter. So give yourself permission to experience that glimmer of hope, high energy in your life and laugh, dance and learn with Energy Expert Angel Marie Monachelli.

Your Time to Shine TV Show

Thursdays at 2:00 p.m. PST

Your Time to Shine International Interview Series with your host Angel Marie sponsored by The Shine On Movement.

Your Time To Shine is about connecting you with thought leaders and life changers who are making a positive impact in the world by sharing their passion and purpose and expertise. Guests from all over the world will be sharing their stories in order to share their wisdom, nurture your soul, and inspire you to shine your own light.


What People Are Saying
About Angel Marie

Reviews & Speaker Testamonials

"Great nuggets of truth for anyone looking to enhance self-esteem and personal success. I love how her stories help clarify the simple action steps!"
600Forbes Riley Kevin Harrington
Forbes Riley
Celebrity, TV Host, Author, Motivational Speaker
“I was looking for a speaker to kick off my conference and Angel Marie was amazing the way that she set the tone for the entire day. She got everyone up on their feet and moving. If you want your people to get inspired hirer Angel Marie today!”
Sue Barenholtz
Sue Barenholtz
President of Empowering YOUto Succeed
I highly recommend Angel's training, we learned about energy, vibration and so much more. One of our biggest challenges is mindset and energy and this training gave us the tools to stay alert and fresh! Fantastic thank you Angel.”
Katie Evans
Katie Evans
Lead Agent Keller Williams

Have You Heard the Catchy Shine On Song Yet?


Get energized now with the  Shine On Song 

How was the Shine On Song created and produced? It was born from many years of living in positive energy! 

I met song writer and musician Fiz Anthony at an event. He asked me “do you want a signature song for your Shine On Movement?” I said yes, of course, that’s a dream of mine! He then interviewed me and we wrote the song together with using the philosophy of the Shine On Movement. On top of it all, Fiz taught me to use my natural singing voice, in just one weekend!