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Angle Marie - Speaker

Angel Marie Monachelli

Founder of the Shine On! movement, Angel Marie is a powerhouse in a small package. Diagnosed with dyslexia at an early age, she was called stupid and told she would probably not graduate high school. Though severely challenged, she not only graduated, but went on to college on a sports scholarship, receiving her degree and ultimately becoming one of the youngest players in Women’s Major League Softball.


Turning her hard-gained experience overcoming adversity and obstacles into an asset, Angel Marie now travels the country presenting keynote speeches, seminars, workshops and retreats. Focused on effective living and enhancing self-esteem. She is well known for her energetic presence and engaging exercises that leave audiences of all ages, ethnic backgrounds and orientations feeling empowered to handle challenges with greater joy and authenticity.


Angel Marie lives in Phoenix, Arizona, with Shine, her awesome Australian Cattle Dog. Through her writing, consulting and workshops she is helping thousands of people to get their Shine On!