Three Secrets to Increase Laughter
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Three Secrets to Increase Laughter

Angel Marie Shines

Three Secrets to Increase Laughter

Three Secrets to Increase Laughter

I love to laugh! I have always loved to laugh! I ask people all the time to laugh and joke with me, even in stressful situations. Laughter allows me to release energy and to feel more positivity in my life.

Laughter is contagious, creates joy, and feels good! When we laugh with our friends we learn about one another, and create deeper connections. Laughter also builds self-esteem, self-worth, and shifts perception. We are drawn to groups who are laughing and having a good time.

1. When life gets too serious many of us forget to laugh, yet laughing at ourselves, releases stress and allows us to see that setbacks are only temporary. I know so many people who make jokes even in awkward moments. The next time you find yourself in a stressful or negative situation, try laughing. Even a fake laugh! As strange as it may seem at first, the energy will shift.

2. I love to create laughter everywhere I go. My favorite thing to do is to shout; “Hoowah!” when at an event or gathering. This always gets at least a few people laughing. Others are drawn to find out what is going on. Give it a try sometime! Come up with a funny noise or saying of your own and call it out when at the next gathering. It will draw attention and never fails to allow you to make new friends.

3. Make time to laugh every day. Every morning take a moment to look in the mirror and make yourself laugh at least three times. You can start with a giggle and work up to a full belly laugh before heading out to face your day.

These are a few ways to bring more joy into your life and help you Shine On! For even more secrets, or to have the Shine On! Girl bring laughter to your next event, connect with me to schedule a speaking engagement!