Self Esteem, Embrace Who You Are | 3 Ways to Build It

Self esteem has been coming up for me. This last weekend I went to an event and it really helped build my confidence and Self-esteem in the area of speaking and energy. My Self-esteem was built because everyone recognized I was able to make changes.

One of the areas we were doing movement and because of some of my physical limitations, I felt a little out of place. I was the oldest one there. I was able to help everyone with a new way to do things. 

Yet when I did what I could and felt confident. The instructor noticed that the movement was a good idea. I was confident enough that I was able to perform the movement with an alternative. I was praised for the alternative that I found and it helped me gain more Self-esteem.

One person, at the event, even said I have years of knowledge and depth and that helped with my Self-esteem as well. 

Self-esteem is acceptance of self and having confidence in who you are as a person and all that you are capable of doing. It is a wonderful, motivating, and inspiring experience and feeling, yet building self-esteem can be confusing to explain as well as understand. There are so many ways to connect to personal power and boost self-esteem, many of these ways are easy to do. Once you recognize how they can be helpful. 

Here are three basic ideas to get you started.

Self Esteem: Step Back on Set Back

Attitude is everything! I and you know this, yet what does that really mean? To have a positive attitude is more than just smiling through the rough spots, it is knowing there is a lesson in those setbacks. Try this simple trick to have a great attitude even in a not-so-great situation. Mentally, step back. See the situation from outside of yourself. What advice would you give a friend in this experience? Think of that advice and then move forward taking your own advice.

Practice New Experiences

Before going to a new place, or meeting new people, practice the event in your head. Practice the event with a positive attitude. See the experience as a positive lesson and create the feeling of joy at learning something new. This will help banish fears and draw in good feelings that will show in your body language and energy.

Be Your Own Cheerleader!

Each morning, be ready to give yourself a pep talk. You are amazing! You will do great things! Today will be fantastic! Smile at your reflection while you do this! It is easy to be happy when someone tells you you are wonderful! That someone can be YOU!

I encourage you to include these three secrets in your life to help you build your Self Esteem.

There are many ways to find your Self-esteem and share your inspired Energy with others. I invite you to check out my Youtube channel and discover some inspiration that can be watched every morning. I hope this blog helps you to take some steps to help you ignite your inspired action! Contact Angel Marie today

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