7 Principles to Shine On! - Angel Marie Shines
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7 Principles to Shine On!

Angel Marie Keynote Speaker Shine On Movement

7 Principles to Shine On!

7 Principles to Shine On!

Ignite your inner creativity with the #7Principles of the Shine On! Movement! If you’ve seen me speak at an event, you’ll remember exactly what I’m talking about. Each of the 7 Principles offers a single action. These simple tools are for anyone to do throughout the day. I challenge you to practice everyday and your results will guide you on the path to boost your productivity, have more success in your life and empower you into new levels of self-esteem, to Shine On!


  1. Ambition – Action: Speak your goals at least three times a day.
    Result: Productivity, Self-Confidence, Success
  1. Attitude – Action: Smile at every red light.
    Result: Freedom, Peace, Clarity
  1. Inspiration – Action: Laugh out loud every time you look in the mirror.
    Result: Creativity, Love, Motivation
  1. Focus – Action: Take three deep breaths every hour on the hour.
    Result: Balance, Feel Healthy, Joy
  1. Self-Esteem – Action: Each night, write down three positive attributes about yourself.
    Result: Authentic, Healthy Boundaries, Fulfillment
  1. Take Action – Action: Everyday, step out of your comfort zone in a small way.
    Result: Purpose, Empowerment, Abundance
  1. Raise Your Vibration – Action: Move to music everyday.
    Result: Increased Energy, Positive Thoughts, Happiness

These 7 Principles are the foundation of the Shine On! Movement.
You’re about to embark on a life-changing adventure to a place of contagious positivity.
I can’t wait to hear about your journey!

I invite you to share your experiences with family and friends.
Help more people Shine On! with joy by sharing your story on Social Media,
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