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The Shine On Movement is about understanding energy so that you awaken your inner genius and raise your individual vibration (energy) so that it radiates from you and causes a ripple effect that impacts the whole world.

This starts within you, then moves to your family, friends, community and ultimately the world. Everything is vibration, frequency, and energy.  When YOU raise your energy in a positive way, studies show that your vibrational field will affect others and Yes, the whole world!

The movement teaches simple tools that empower and inspire you to have more mindfulness, confidence and joy in your life. By connecting to your energy you will experience greater freedom, creativity and self-expression. 

“I have found that many people feel that they don’t fit in because of ethnicity, personal appearance, or disability. There are millions of reasons why you might feel different than others. What matters is discovering that YOU MATTER!”– Angel Marie

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Meet Angel Marie

It’s so amazing to meet you! I’m Angel Marie Monachelli and I’ve been teaching others how to live their best lives with energy, confidence and joy for over 20 years. 

As an TV Host, 6X International Best Selling Author, Inspirational Speaker, Event Energy Enhancer, Creator of the Shine On! Movement™ and Personal Energy Expert I will bring the power of positive energy, engagement, and education to your event.

Whether your event is virtual or in person, I will read the audience, keep them engaged and involved, so that they never “zoom out”. The experience will leave your audience wanting more, create raving fans, and have the impact you want to see in the world. 

I’d love to have a conversation about how we can energize your event for maximum impact.

Meet Shine

Angel Marie Monachelli in Pink with Shine

“Shine is my Australian Cattle Dog, friend, and writing muse! During my writing process, Shine helped me find time to play, relax, and just breathe. By recognizing that animals experience life differently than people, I was able to add unique insights to the award winning book SHINE ON! In each chapter, Shine offers a fun perspective with a section called ‘Speak, Shine, Speak!’ These brief stories of how Shine sees and experiences her world allow readers to discover new ways to Shine On!

One of my favorite examples of Shine as my guide to greater personal power is her ability to be in the moment. When the writing process was especially challenging, Shine would offer up a big sigh. Her simple act of taking a breath reminded me to breathe as well. Besides always being joyous and taking the time to play ball, Shine demonstrates the importance of breathing to refocus and be more productive in life.”

Be a reflection of this message and help others
to feel valued, supported, and celebrated!

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The SHINE ON! book is a tool to help you raise your vibration. Because it’s a workbook and you pick a focus word everyday or every week it helps you have more mindfulness about what you are thinking which helps you be more positive, be more in the moment and raise your energy! Just like the Shine On song it increase your self-awareness, self-confidence and joy.

“The Shine On! message is contagious and magnetic!”

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