Balance It All Three Secrets - Angel Marie Shines
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Balance It All Three Secrets

Angel Marie Shines

Balance It All Three Secrets

Balance it All Three Secrets

We all find ourselves working to maintain balance. We balance work and family. We balance computer time and outdoor experiences. We balance finances, and time. Balance is much more than a measure of external forces. Balance is a feeling of clarity and serenity that allows us to be at peace with the choices we make and will make in the future. There are many external ways to build a balanced environment that will in turn create an internal balance. Here are three easy steps to get you started!

  1. Creating a Clean and Balanced Space

When we live in a space that is harmonious and speaks to who we are as a person, we are more comfortable to be ourselves. When decorating your home consider what the items mean to you. Living in a space that is filled with objects that bring you joy boost self-esteem. Caring for these items through cleaning and maintenance is empowering as well. It is healthy to take time to clean and dust those items that are dear to you.  

  1. Creating a Balanced Schedule

Taking just a quick look at your personal calendar do you have a planned day off? Do you block out meditation times? Contact me for a link to a twenty minute visualization, and take time for you! Being busy all the time is great, yet the balanced life has some down time. Part of this is the ability to say no when you are feeling overbooked and overwhelmed.

  1. Plan Your Balancing Act

Balance is an act and that requires a good script. Before setting to a task or starting your day make a list of things you will need. Creating a step by step list as well as a list of what you will be using. This removes stress and creates empowerment.

If you are looking for more personal guidance on creating a more balanced life for your community, contact me for a group coaching session or lunch and learn that will help you to Shine On!

Allowing myself to enjoy a relaxing vacation in Hawaii brought renewed balance to my life. To show appreciation for my amazing readers I have a very special meditation vacation to help you shift your life and discover more balance! Email me for an awesome link to a 20 minute audio guided meditation.