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Integrity is you being the best you. With so much chaos, anger, and sadness with the state of the world right now. Do you feel it? It’s like we’re all at odds with each other yet we’re so confused with what we really should do and believe. The internet is telling us one thing and our sisters, brothers, friends are telling us another. What is real? And what is not real? For me, I question all the time how I feel about something and not necessarily what I think. This helps me to stay in integrity to myself. 

Personal Integrity

Personal integrity is choosing honesty in thoughts and actions. It is the act of being truthful in work, school, and life. Integrity is living by a code of personal principles. Considering the shifting morality of society, it can take courage to live a life of personal integrity. 

Value Integrity

I have and I’m sure you have been in situations when it can seem easier to tell a little white lie than speak the truth. Yet you know, valuing integrity is doing what is right no matter what. 

In school, I was in special classes, due to my dyslexia. My fellow classmates and I were called stupid because of our learning disabilities. I chose to stand up for all of us. On one occasion I was so angry I shoved a young bully into a tree. I knew it was a bad choice and not the right action, even in defense of a friend. I walked to the principal’s office, sat down and told him what I had done. I was ready to accept my punishment. It was here that I began to understand integrity.

Recognize Integrity

The ability to recognize integrity in yourself also increases your ability to see it in others. This also puts you in the position to be confronted with the choice to point out the lack of integrity in another. I knew a young man who spoke of a teacher who had intentionally allowed some students to pass because of athletic achievements. This student confronted the teacher. The teacher acknowledged playing favorites and opted to do what was right. He began treating each student fairly.

The young man even offered to tutor the athletic students who needed additional help. When done with love, speaking with integrity is a powerful way to express your authentic self. Both teacher and student were able to learn from the experience.

Shine, my dog, demonstrates integrity through her consistent behavior, predictability, and reliability. Something we all can learn from.

If you are looking to make integrity a daily practice, create a promise journal. One secret that I use is keeping my appointments and being on time. This helps me stay honest to myself and inspired actions that show that I have integrity.

I encourage you to step into your action of Integrity and if you would like some help to get even more crystal clear of what integrity is, contact Angel Marie today

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