Boost Aha Moments (video) - Angel Marie Shines
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Boost Aha Moments (video)

Angel Marie Shines

Boost Aha Moments (video)

Boost Aha Moments

Aha moments are those amazing flashes of insight. They are the inspired realizations that come to us like flashes of lightning. These moments are unique to you and deeply personal. Aha moments offer clarity and focus to gain pure wisdom from within to change the direction of our lives. Aha moments increase self-esteem and personal power to help you Shine On! In my award winning, Amazon National bestselling, book, SHINE ON! I share some aha moments from my life and the lives of clients as well as some easy to use action steps to activate your Aha!

  1. Aha moments are more than a lesson learned. They are shifts in your deeply personal understanding of the world around you. Allow yourself to feel your aha moments as whole body sensations. They can feel like goose bumps, tingling, or sudden bursts of energy. Allow these aha moments expand your reality!
  1. My learning disability offered me the unique opportunity to experience amazing aha moments. To guide me in learning the alphabet, Mama used a brilliant technique of placing sandpaper cutouts of letters in a shoe box. I used texture to remember the pattern of each letter. I could learn anything if it was a game. Look at a challenge in a new way, you will learn something about yourself in the process!
  1. Another fun way to increase your chances at catching those aha moments is to change your routine. Shuffle your morning rituals, or your route to work. Creating a new pattern allows us to change perception.

These are a few great ways to kick start your aha moments! If you are looking for even more; check out my award winning, best selling book, SHINE ON! Invite me to bring even more aha moments to your event and community!
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