Choose Gratitude and Boost Your Energy

Gratitude is the moments taken to experience and connect to the value of others who impact our lives. It is also about taking the time to recognize your value to those around you. Every person is different, and because of this, each one of us experiences and expresses Gratitude in their own special way. Have you thought of how to understand your loved one’s style of Gratitude, or yours? 

For birthdays, graduations, and special holidays we spend plenty of time choosing just the right material gifts to purchase, yet it is just as important to discover the perfect type of Gratitude and appreciation our loved ones desire. 

Create a space of Gratitude

Create a space for others to feel important and valued. Take extra consideration for your friends and family members who go the extra mile for you and others. While they may not tell you, they also seek love and appreciation for the things they do for you. Let those who give abundantly and ask nothing in return know how much they brighten your world. 

Communicate Gratitude

Communicate your style of Gratitude and ask others what theirs might be. Build a list of ways to support one another in ways that allow everyone to feel connected to their joy ENERGY. Hunting for material gifts often overshadows acts of love. Simply being there can often have a greater impact than a wrapped gift.

Connect with Gratitude

Connect with others with authentic and heartfelt thank yous. When visiting friends and family you can leave sweet notes of thanks, around the house, in their vehicle, or in a coat pocket. Playful acts of Gratitude create moments of joy in unexpected ways. 

Creating ENERGY of Gratitude is powerful because it helps you empower your own self worth and self-esteem! I found this true this week when Shine, my dog, was very sick. When I connect to my Gratitude ENERGY of what she gives me it helped me to have the self confidence to reach out to others and ask for healing ENERGY and prayers. You know what? It worked. She’s doing so much better. Thank you all for sending healing and also for feeling appreciation and Gratitude for the animals and yourself.

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