Elite Reiki Certification 3 Level System

Reiki healing helps you gain freedom, peace and financial abundance. It actually calms our survival tendencies and shifts the brain to thriving with more confidence. Not only does it support you in teaching your body how to use it’s own healing magic, Reiki healing gives you a framework for self-discovery, self-care and self-realization.

Change your Mindset, Energize your Life and Shine On!

Level I Reiki

$ 997
  • 8 Hour Group Instruction
  • Explore the history of Reiki & the healing principles
  • Learn how the Shining Wheel interconnects with Reiki
  • Receive attunements
  • Learn protection, shielding, grounding and clearing techniques
  • Learn the Techniques to perform a Reiki treatment on yourself
  • Understand Chakras & how to do a clearing balancing session on yourself

Level II Reiki

$ 1497
  • 8 Hour Group Class
  • Receive attunements
  • Learn the sacred Reiki symbols
  • Learn how to send distant Reiki Healing
  • Practice Reiki & learn tools that help

Master Level Reiki

$ 1997
  • 8 Hour Group Class
  • Receive attunements
  • Learn the sacred Reiki symbols
Total for all 3 Levels = $4,491

The 3 Level Reiki System is a amazing way to start your journey into self-realization of who you are.  
Once you feel the power of your vibration field, your healing energy, you create a whole new perception on your life! 
Achieve all new levels of confidence, joy and happiness. 



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