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Energize Your Next Event

Energize Your Next Event

Have you noticed that people are no longer “fully present” and engaged on Zoom? Just yesterday one of my clients said that he was completely “Zoomed Out” from being on video meetings from 9am to 5pm.

People are exhausted and bored, and can think of a million other things they could be doing while listening to a video.

So what do you do about it? So glad you asked!

I work with event planners, hosts, and speakers to create an energizing, educational and engaging event.

How it Works

Inspirational Speaker

Angel Marie will bring energy and inspiration to your event through her compelling talks

In addition, she will be fully engaged and encouraging people to participate for the time that she’s present.

Emcee & Co-Host

Angel Marie will bring high energy to your event.

She will stay present and engaged, drawing the speakers and audience in by edifying and prompting speakers. When audience or speaker energy begins to flag, she’ll inject an activity to re-engage.

In addition, Angel Marie will provide a speaker preparation session. In this session, she brings your speakers together for a quick background review, while teaching some basic ways of demonstrating that they’re engaged, & create a synergistic energy so that they’re working together as a team.

All the elements of the Tier 2: Event Energy Enhancer PLUS

By combining the elements of the Event Energy Enhancer with her Social Influence, Angel Marie will be promoting your event to her Social Media Following of over 40,000 actively engaged fans. This includes exposure on the following platforms:

In addition, she will interview the Event Coordinator about THIS event on her “Your Time To Shine” Interview Series which streams live on e360tv, Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Android, Facebook, YouTube, Periscope and Twitch.

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No matter which tier you choose, Angel Marie will lift the energy of the event while edifying the lessons of the previous speaker, in preparation for the next one. Kind of like an opening act for a comedian.

Don’t just believe me, check out what other event planners are saying!

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