How to Slow Your Roll and Achieve Patience

Patience is never something that I would say that I excel at unless I am in a coaching session. I really feel that people want to be heard but they are not patient with themselves. I know that I have a hard time being patient with myself let alone with my dog, Shine. My friend gets so frustrated with social media and to me it’s fun and I know it so well. It’s not fun for her and she gets frustrated. As I have been teaching her social media and I have been at peace while I was teaching her. 

I feel peaceful when I’m teaching her and a lot of times when we’re not being patient we don’t feel peaceful. I’m at peace with my energy no matter what I’m working on. That’s when I know that I’m creating patience in my life and I recognized that when I was teaching my friend. 

Patience is an active, purposeful, and wonderful form of personal power. 

In my book, SHINE ON! I share some amazing action steps to make the practice of patience part of your life. 

Patience and remaining calm

Patience is the act of remaining calm even when situations are beyond our control. This valuable character trait is a skill that can be learned and practiced at any age. Patience is easier for some than others, and each situation requires different levels of patience. Patience may appear passive, yet this purposeful form of self-discipline is active inaction. 

I am a natural multitasker. This means Patience can be a challenge. Like many driven, active people I sometimes feel scattered. This need to keep moving causes an imbalance that actually interferes with our abundance. 

Start small with Patience

I will start small. Whenever waiting in line at a store I take the chance to focus on Patience. I enjoy the moment and feel the shift in your energy. Concentrate on gratitude. Giving your mind a moment will allow you to feel more balanced.

Practice Patience

I also make eating a practice of Patience. Instead of taking lunch in my office or on the run, I try to enjoy meals at the table. After each bite, I set my fork or spoon down and relax. Like I said before Patience isn’t something I have always had. I have developed over my life. I encourage you to find ways you can practice Patience for yourself.

Even Shine, my dog,  needed to work on patience when she first came home. Due to Shine’s time in shelters she had to fight for food. To help Shine slow down, my friend and I trained her to sit and wait before beginning to eat. This practice taught Shine impulse control, which in “dog speak” is Patience.

As we become more mindful of how fast the world is changing, we realize that Patience is a practice we all can do our best to be Patience with ourselves and others around us.

Be mindful of how fast you are moving, then s-l-o-w down. Contact Angel Marie here to learn more about Patience

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