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Would you like to be able to tap into your intuition at a moment’s notice? Many people have said that if they only would have listened to what their gut said everything would have been completely different. Does that sound familiar to you? For me personally, it is a way of life because not only do I teach how to connect to your ENERGY Intuition I also live it! Do you trust your intuition?

Do you know what the feeling of ENERGY Intuition is? 

Intuition is a gut feeling. We experience a shift as we enter one situation from another. Paying attention to that gut reaction, or little voice in the back of your head is a valuable hint from our inner self. This guiding voice allows us to slip out of unsafe environments. Or leads us into amazing opportunities. 

Animals and Intuition

Animals pay attention to intuition. If you have pets, you may notice their reactions before a storm or earthquake. Animals trust their intuition and act accordingly to communicate the message to their human companions who may not be as quick to sense the shifts.

Shine, always seems to know when one of my friends or coaching clients needs a little extra love or attention. She shows me this by sitting at their feet or nuzzling their hands. Shine’s trainer, Lisa, told me that this is an instinctive behavior. Animals and dogs are great judges of character. I like the old saying; Always trust a dog that doesn’t like a person, never trust a person who doesn’t like a dog. It makes me laugh a little, yet there is some truth to it. Animals do have a keen sense of people, places, and situations. With practice, we can too.

Energy of Intuition

When entering a new situation or meeting someone new, I like to take a breath and connect to ENERGY of intuition. I pay attention to first reactions and what that inner voice says about this person or event. Yet always giving a loving review and acceptance of all people.

An example of that is this week a friend required my help and because I stopped and checked in with my ENERGY of how I felt as well as connected within the situations ENERGY I was able to make the whole experience with my friend and myself go more smoothly.

Using Intuition in Your Daily Life

Have you ever had the sense to take a different route when walking home? When later you find out you avoided an incident, or happened to find some lost change on the ground, that is thanks to intuition. Intuition leads us to great things if we take the time to listen and take the action.

Because of my ENERGY of intuition, I don’t always act like everyone else. You too?

We have all been to events that feel uncomfortable. When I first arrive I may feel uneasy yet even with everyone having fun, there is still a down deep feeling that something is out of place. When I have this feeling I take the inspired action and I leave.

This is about trusting my inner self. Even when no one else is doing what I am, I trust when I experience my ENERGY because I can read my ENERGY.

So when you feel like you’re stuck take the moments to connect to your intuition feelings and choose with heartfelt energy to take the inspired action

I invite you to invite the ENERGY of Intuition into your life. Intuition ENERGY will help you experience life with more adventure and fun! Contact Angel Marie today

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