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Are you on a path of self-discovery, coaching sessions with a Reiki Master, is like having a Sherpa guiding you to the mountaintop. Receive a kind, simple, and considerate delivery of information. Studies have shown that Reiki Healing can help you in achieving energy balance, increase in confidence, life satisfaction and have better relationships.

Change your Mindset, Energize your Life and Shine On!

Sparkling Reiki & Coaching

$ 397
  • 3 One Hour Sessions
  • Once a week for 3 weeks
  • Activities to help you change mindset
  • One Free 15 minute consultation $33

Shining Reiki & Coaching

$ 824
  • 7 One Hour Sessions
  • Once a week for 7 weeks
  • Five-minute meditation recording Free
  • Custom morning routine $49.97
  • 20 minute chakras clearing recording $19.99
  • Two 15 minutes phone consultations $66
  • Bonus Value $136

Luminous Reiki & Coaching

$ 1377
  • 12 One Hour Sessions
  • Once a week for 12 weeks
  • All of the second package $136.00 Bonus
  • How to clear your house $197.97
  • One additional 15 minutes phone consultations $33.00
  • Crystals premier Reiki stones $49.97
  • SHINE ON! book plus free video how to read the book $24.95
  • Tai Chi DVD $19.99
  • Bonus Value $461.00

The Sparkling Introductory package is a great way to start your journey into self care.  
Once you feel the power of your vibration field, your healing energy, you create a whole new perception on your life! 
Achieve all new levels of confidence, joy and happiness. 



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