Ignite your Audience and your Entire Event with the Power of Angel Marie and the Shine On Movement!

Angel Marie's Most Requested Topics

Change your Mindset, Energize your Life!

  • Be your own superhero
  • Slash anxiety
  • Navigate mindfulness

In this power packed session, participants are encouraged, uplifted, and inspired. Powerful superheroes do not worry about stress, they shine with their own inner confidence.  We will join together and learn to see anxiety as an energy that can be managed.  Angel Marie helps you to understand that you can shift your mindset to create a different outcome.  Remember,  your mind is like a sponge and you can absolutely control what it absorbs.

Step into Your Confident Zone!
Energizing the One in the Mirror

  • Unstoppable Drive
  • Limitless Self-Esteem
  • Infectious Inspiration

Want to get to know the Unstoppable you? It’s time to know and believe that you can achieve anything. A top priority is to love and accept who is in the mirror. Participants from all walks of life will now be able to take the limits off! These sessions connect you to your true inspiration, which is your purpose. Go deep into your mind and unleash the possibilities. Say good bye to limits and say hello to the amazing energy inside of you!

3 Keys to Monetize & Energize

  • More Energy
  • More Fun
  • More Money

Experience the MORE life! Enhance your life with increased energy which will help you balance sleep and be more productive.  See your life as a vacation.  Fun is chemically proven to energize the body’s cells.  This in turn acts as a catalyst for focus, clarity and increased purpose.  Invest in yourself by having fun with high energy that will create more money in your life. Do not just come to be entertained, join in and experience the Shine On Movement.  The song, the stories, the laughs, the fun, the energy, the elevation to MORE!

What people are saying about Angel Marie

"Absolutely Amazing
Professional Speaker"

Very knowledgeable and is absolutely amazing how she helps people with her services
Troy Howard
Owner, SoTellUs
"Uplifting & Inspiring!"
"I Want More!"
Amazing time and I love her, she is edifying wonderful inspirational and a force!
Nadine Jackson
Model & Actress
If you want your people to evolve, change and transform, bring Angel to your stage
Coach Sherry Winn
2x Olympic Basketball Coach
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