The Amazing Power of Allowing | 3 secrets

Allowing…Let it be! Last week I could not sleep and even felt exhausted all day and was in heavy anxiety. I felt it in the pit of my stomach. I know my ENERGY so I was stopping and scamming because I kept asking why or is it really this way or that way. Do you feel like you want to scream because YOU keep going back to the ENERGY field of WHY? Release, Release, Release questioning, anticipation, and expectation and slip into allowing. In a space of allowing you are able to experience security, calm, and inner knowing. In my award-winning, bestselling book, SHINE ON! I share secrets on how to hone the skill of allowing that can guide you on the path to more joy, personal power, and greater self-esteem. 

Be Like Shine! 

Allowing is a conscious act of releasing expectations surrounding situations and relationships. It helps you grow after personal setbacks and creates space for positive comebacks. Practicing Allowing is a way to raise confidence, reduce stress, and achieve greater personal success. Shine, my dog, is brilliant at Allowing. She rolls over, exposes her belly, stretches out, and falls asleep. This is the most vulnerable position for a dog. This act of vulnerability is easy because she feels safe with me. 

Be Socially Allowing

When others voice their opinion, you can choose not to further comment; this is an act of allowing. Social media is a great space to practice this. I moderate a number of social media groups. A member of one group sent me a private message concerning another member and their excessive online quizzes. She felt annoyed by what she perceived as nonsense. I acknowledged her feelings yet discussed that she could always scroll past quiz posts, political posts, or hide things that annoy her, and let it go. Recently many of us have blocked posts of others because we share different opinions. You can agree to disagree without commenting. You can also remain friends if you disagree.

Be In The Moment

Allowing is easy when you are in a place of knowing. When you think about your work, school, or sports you have a schedule. Knowing what to expect next gives you more security and willingness to take things one day at a time. Embrace routine as a feeling of certainty for goals, rather than something to stress over. Allow life to unfold, Shine On! and allow your light to glow. 

Reading from the SHINE ON Book

I invite you to integrate these three secrets into your life. Allowing is a beautiful ENERGY that helps you experience life with more adventure and fun! Contact Angel Marie today

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