Three Secrets for Abundance - Angel Marie Shines
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Three Secrets for Abundance

Angel Marie Shines

Three Secrets for Abundance

Abundance means “plenty” and most people perceive abundance as money, career, or status. Yet the feeling of abundance is different for everyone. When I hear others share abundance, typically they discuss finances and material items. To some though, abundance can refer to health, personal success, creativity, or relationships. Personal abundance comes from fulfilling our own unique desires.

Defining Abundance for YOU!

When we feel abundance we draw more of it into our lives. Take a moment to define what abundance means to you. Write it down to gain greater clarity. By defining the source of your abundance you are more able to focus on the things you really want to create. This practice is also how we can amplify personal power. When we feel abundant, we also experience more gratitude. And, with more gratitude, we receive more abundance in a beautiful cycle of growth and blessings.

Abundant Relationships

Abundance to some is reflected in the number of friends listed on social media or in real life. I feel abundant because I have cultivated amazing relationships built on respect, trust, and support. Friends, family, and relationships in my life are my abundance. Are you connecting to the people you love, and those who love you in return. In this case abundance is about security. I feel more secure when I can turn to a friend for advice and support. How have you cultivated your abundant relationships lately?

Do you have a list of people you can call on? Think of a friend that has the answer to every question. Who do you reach out to for unconditional love? How about that one person that is always there to support and motivate you when you are feeling sluggish? In turn, I give abundantly to friends, family, and social connections.

Abundant Gratitude

When we feel the energy of abundance it is a great time to connect with one of our trusted friends or family members. Share your excitement about blessings in your life. Celebrate with gratitude and joy! Give yourself permission to be abundant! Instead of settling for less, seek out opportunities with confidence and be grateful for every step along the way.

These are just three secrets to get you started on your path to abundance. For even more ways to Shine On! Check out my latest article in the Valley Voice as well as investing in the awarding winning, bestselling, book SHINE ON!