Three Secrets to Increase your Confidence (video) - Angel Marie Shines
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Three Secrets to Increase your Confidence (video)

Angel Marie Shines

Three Secrets to Increase your Confidence (video)

Three Secrets to Increase your Confidence

One of the great secrets to personal success is confidence! We often tell students and adults they need to be more confident, yet do they understand what it means? Confidence connects us to personal power by showcasing strengths and celebrating successes. Here are three amazing keys to connect with your confidence, more can be found in my award winning, Amazon National bestselling book, SHINE ON!.

1: Share Your Story

Know that your story is unique. Your past does not define who you are, however it can offer guidance to others and create experiences to grow from. Be honest, and share your mistakes and triumphs. This will raise your confidence and provide a stepping stone for others who may be struggling along the same path.

2: Connect to Uplifting Messages

When you go into the world or log on to the internet you have a choice. You can choose to read or watch information that is negative, or view uplifting experiences and read words of joy. There are many empowering speeches on and blogs on positivity to boost self-confidence. Start your day with a beautiful message and see how your perspective transforms.

3: Clear Communication
Create a plan for your day, and communicate it to others. Be brave, share your daily goals and ask if you can help others. Developing a community and support system builds one another up. Celebrate the positive, and guide each other on the tough days.

These simple steps can grow your confidence in big ways! Having an attitude of joy and confidence can also help create higher self-esteem and draw success to you! Shine On!